A bit of our history

Entry waiting area

This is the primary information site of a boutique disability service, Burdekin Flexible Support Service, in the Burdekin region of North Queensland. Please fossick on through – you will enjoy it!

In many ways, we are very different from a great many services – and we often take different pathways to our brother and sister services. We are proud of our differences and this comes from the key word in our name – we are FLEXIBLE!

The beginnings of ‘Flexi’ are firmly in the community of the Burdekin Community decades ago, where parents of children with disabilities came together to garner support and ideas and try to draw some funding into the community.

With the support of each other, the parents lobbied and talked and lobbied some more and eventually, with the assistance of the Burdekin Community Association Inc, received funding for a respite service for the region including the Bowen community. This was very exciting and in fact so successful was the organisation in the early days, that the Bowen part of the Service became incorporated in their own right and is now known as the Bowen Flexible Respite Service.

There was, at the time, a big argument with the government of the day. The politically correct ‘thing’ was to not fund centre based respite, and the community was determined to make sure that this form of respite was part of a suite of services that were offered to parents, families and people.

The Board Room

Having received funding for the service the community raised the funds to buy a centrally located block of land and built two units for a respite centre. As the service grew so did their administration – eventually moving into one of the respite units and then in 2010 when they outgrew that building – the service moved into the current offices.

We now have a number of properties. In order to give our residents a real sense of security, we decided to  buy two houses and with sufficient funding from the Department of Communities for 24/7 support, we opened our doors and our hearts.

In late 2010 we moved our administration from one of the Respite Units into the current building in Ross St. How wonderful it has been to have so much ROOM!!!

The Respite Centre has been returned to allow overnight support again as well as providing a Hangout – a place where we meet, plot and plan activities and generally collapse after a hard days work! On the property, we also have a fully self-contained unit which we also use for respite – except we don’t like the word ‘respite’. We have weekend sleepovers, or holidays or whatever.

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