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Feedback on the Planning Day from the President

Hi all,
Just a quick sum up of our planning day held last Wednesday the 02/03/2011 and a big thank you to all that made it a successful day.

The day started out on time at 9am (well nearly) and we started with a welcome and a short sum-up of last year’s outcomes. There is a list of the points available to those that wish to see them (please ask at the office). I then went on to detail the Board’s structure, operations, members, outlooks and goals in general.

The day to day operations in our view are very well looked after by our CEO and excellent crew. By the end of the day this was borne out also by all those that attended; with their glowing reports of our service.

The Board has a process in place to audit the organisation in each key Service Standard once a year, which means that the Board looks at an area once every month. As an example, I did I.T and communication last year and will do probably 2 different areas this year. This is to ensure what we are told is happening; is in fact, happening.

Brenda-Anne then talked about the operational side of the service. The development of the Flexi model of service and what this means to our service and its delivery. Brenda-Anne also discussed “Focus on Friendships” and how this is delivered and its outcomes. Other Areas discussed were the appointment of our Team leaders and of permanent staff and why this was important. This created great discussions.

We then broke for Smoko (always important). Upon coming back from our break we looked at what we wanted to achieve in the future. To do this we broke up into 5 groups of about 5 people to discuss each of the following areas:
1) “Looking Inwards” Continued focus on service delivery.
2) “Looking Outwards” Community Engagement/Partnerships.
3) “Looking Forward” Needs Driven Improvements.
Each group was made up of Service user’s, Family/Carers, Support Facilitators, Centre team and Board members. The discussions I was involved in were very constructive.

Lunch was then taken & enjoyed as well as the informal discussions.

After lunch all the points had been collated and put up on the screen (thanks Leeanne) for us to pull 4 Priorities from for each section. This required rolling several points into one point in most cases.

After this was completed we presented & discussed the new “Flexi Philosophy of service” draft. It does reflect the opinions of those in attendance, and is in the process of being passed by Family/Carers and the Board.

The Village was the topic of the day and was enthusiastically discussed by everyone. The discussion included, Where, How, Who and of most interest was When.

The “Where” is based on a block of land behind Our Ross St offices but there are a few bridges to cross before we settle.

The “How” has lots of parts to it including legal Structure, plans and governance and we are slowly working our way through this part of the puzzle.

The “Who” includes too many people and organisations to mention but includes Flexi, Planners, Local Council, funding bodies, Banks etc, but most importantly The Residents of this village.

The “When” is an unfolding answer. I was a little optimistic in my thinking last Wednesday. We are hoping that the first sod of dirt would be turned by the end of the year and as we are forever optimists we hope that will be the case.

The day ended here (at 3pm) but the work will go on. So thank you all once again to those who made the day a success. The Centre team are great leaders and they show it in their every day work, Thank you.

To the Families and Carers and the Service Users who took time out of your week to give us the better part of your day – thank you. Also to Lifestyle Facilitators – thank you for your hard work and dedication. Also, to the Board for their participation, thank you.

Ian Shepherdson
Burdekin Flexible Support Service

Ian Shepherdson


Our Board:

  • President:  Mr Ian Shepherdson
  • Vice President: Maryann Petersen
  • Treasurer: Sue Malaponte
  • Karen McKaig
  • Barry Torkington
  • Jane Arthur
  • Del Kingston

Board Secretary  is delegated to the CEO Brenda-Anne Parfitt

Want to become a member of the organisation?

Membership is $10 and must be paid by 1 September each year.

Members get a copy of the Newsletter every two months, and an invitation ot the AGM which is held towards the end of September each year.

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