The Village

The Village Plans

“The Village”- a unique and innovative accommodation proposal is a showcase of how a small community can plan and achieve a first of its kind in Australia; flexible accommodation options for people with disabilities, with services integrated with social and community based activities for the most vulnerable in our community.

This accommodation project is similar to the idea behind co-housing, a retirement village or serviced apartments; it is a disability focussed, multi-generational intentional community with service delivery integrated across and into the community. The services will be flexible according to need:  expanding and contracting according to the resident’s requirements. The Village will be built on Irving St, AYR, and is designed to be self sufficient in a natural disaster and fully environmentally sustainable, accommodating between 25 and 34 people.

Funding for service delivery (Social Support, Personal Care, Living Skills etc) will be in accordance with existing funding sources available to individuals who want to move into a home with additional support options, or need to be transitioned due to their carer’s age or health, or who need transitional time to learn to live independently.

We have invited Government to participate in developing a Public Private Partnership, with some units being available for ownerships and some being available to rent. The entire property will be owned and operated by Burdekin Flexible Support Service Inc which is a registered charity – a Not for Profit organisation.

The Village looks similar to a small boutique retirement village, but is much smaller. Residents will be encouraged to participate in a Residents Advisory Group (RAG) and this group will advise BFSS of issues, requests and problems. There will be an organisational separation between the ‘landlord’ functions and the service delivery to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.

Services will be provided through Flexi as well as other agencies in the community and residents will be encouraged to continue in paid employment, as well as voluntary activities within The Village, and to participate in community activities. Flexi will continue to provide services that will be flexible and responsive; from no or minimal support to 24/7.

We are also determined to ensure, that as far as possible, we create the best opportunities for people with disabilities to age in their own home. That services are tailored to the needs of the individual where they live, rather than the user having to move to new accommodation as their physical and mental health changes.

The Village will be a safe place where options include:

  • Private ownership and rentals
  • Parents and adult children living close together within The Village, while each retain their own privacy;
  • Parents with disabilities living with their children;
  • Parents buying into a unit for their adult child to live in;
  • An older couple purchasing or renting a unit to live in;
  • Funds being secured for a 24/7 supported unit for more vulnerable people;
  • High needs accommodation for people with complex disabilities and for younger people who might otherwise be forced to move into a nursing home.

What this is NOT:

  • The Village is NOT a quasi hospital – full Medical Services will not be provided – but we will contract community nurses for acute, short term care as required and practical.
  • The Village is NOT an institution – it is a village.
  • The Village is NOT a controlled environment – it is, in part, a contained environment.
  • The Village is NOT a gated community – it is a safe community.

So, what will The Village look like?

  • A small collection of differently styled accommodation (units/ duplex/ cabins/ houses), offering accommodation options for a mixture of single people, small families (2+2 or 1+2/3) or couples.
  • Minimal car parking with easy access for ambulances.
  • Low maintenance tropical walkways with lighting between buildings.
  • Communal BBQ and seating areas with tactile surroundings (sight, touch and sound).
  • Communal garden and vege patch
  • A common building for activities and overnight staff accommodation.
  • A Hydrotherapy pool which will be offered for use to other services, including Hospital Occupational Therapists, private practitioners, the Burdekin Special School and the Lower Burdekin Home for the Aged.

This is the very first time in Australia that a project like this has been developed and we are very proud that we can offer it to the Burdekin community. We are in the process of discussing the project with our bankers and the families who would like to buy units. If you have any questions – please feel free to contact Brenda-Anne.

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